I recently developed and installed a creation called Short Attention Span Collaborative Imagery in the Annex at Core New Art Space in Denver. Some people have called it art, while I call it a tool for generating art. The SASCI piece runs on two Internet-connected computers in the gallery. It uses Twitter trends and specific search terms to drive the continuous creation of collages of images and text on two wall-facing projectors.Input from Twitter, specifically the current and daily trends and a search for the words Denver and Art is the source of the imagery. It uses the Stanford Natural Language Parser, Creative Common-licensed images from Flickr and text from Wikipedia. I wrote the programs in Java and JavaFX. About every 30 minutes, background tasks collect the latest terms and matching messages from Twitter. A different program using the Stanford NLP parses the messages looking for interesting nouns, and collects images and text associated with the source words from Flickr and Wikipedia. Each collage takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes to build in front of the audience. It is never the same. The collages abstractly reflect people’s conversations on Twitter as recent as the last 30 minutes.If you are in the area, please check it out. Core New Art Space is located at 900 Santa Fe Drive in Denver. Call or browse the web site for gallery hours. 303-297-8428. http://corenewartspace.com.