Rock solid, fast, affordable, get it if you can.I had VDSL2 installed by Qwest this past August 3rd. I am a work-at-home IT Specialist. This means I live and die by my Internet connection to communicate with co-workers, gain access to the corporate network, design software and deploy it to servers in different parts of the country. Since the VDSL2 installation almost two weeks ago, the service has been used for web browsing, email, connecting to work through my employer’s VPN service, screen sharing with co-workers, backing up computers via Jungle Disk and Tivoli Storage Manager, listening to Pandora Radio, watching some TV through our Roku player and playing a couple of games of BZFlag.To recap, we are getting 20 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream. Our residence is in the 80205 zip code and less than 0.5 km from the fiber node. We are qualified for 40 Mbps downstream in this location. The connection has been up continuously since installation and we have yet to experience any network congestion during the day or evening. Here are some metrics from the Q1000:From Jim’s Software Engineering BlogToday I performed a new speed test from Denver to Dallas: