Today our home Internet service was upgraded to VDSL2 from Qwest. We are located in the Whittier neighborhood of Denver - specifically in the 80205 zip code. I was told by Qwest this area is qualified now for up to 40 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream VDSL2 service. I started with ADSL service about 2 months ago at 7 Mbps downstream and 896 Kbps upstream. I chose to move to the 20 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream tier. The ADSL service was cut off this morning while work was performed at the fiber node and before 3 PM the installer came by to hook up the new modem. The Qwest installer said my home was less than three blocks from the cabinet.From Jim's Software Engineering BlogThe modem connected at the correct speed immediately. Below is a screen snip of the SNR numbers from the Q1000 modem. These numbers are more than double the SNR reported by the M1000 ADSL modem. The ADSL link had a much longer haul over copper than the VDSL2 link. I was surprised to see the 0 dB attenuation in both directions. I had 20-30 dB attenuation with ADSL.From Jim’s Software Engineering BlogThe final step before letting the installer loose was to speed test the link back to Qwest. I would call it a success.From Jim's Software Engineering Blog